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Kaashmora Tamil Full Movie Download. . Kaashmora could be a 2016 Indian Tamil-language film written and directed by Gokul. It options Karthi, Nayantara and Sri Divya within the lead roles. Santhosh Narayanan composed the film’s score and audio recording. The film was discharged worldwide on twenty eight Oct 2016 (Diwali 2016).Kaashmora Tamil Full Movie Download 360p.
Kaashmora (Karthi) and his family live by cheating individuals within the name of magic and dark spirits. One day, a PhD analysis student Yamini (Sri Divya) joins Kaashmora, solely to collect proof and expose him to the general public. Kaashmora’s fame brings him to a irrational and deceitful Minister (Sharath Lohitashwa). Kaashmora earns the MinisteKaashmora Tamil Full Movie Downloadr’s trust.

once revenue enhancement department raids the minister’s house, he asks his henchmen to transfer all the felonious cash to Kaashmora’s house. Seeing this as a chance to flee and settle abroad, Kaashmora’s family escapes with the cash. Meanwhile, Chelapathy Rao, a Telugu man seeks Kaashmora’s facilitate and brings him to a haunted house in province.
within the house, Kaashmora is haunted
by real ghosts.Kaashmora Tamil Full Movie
Download 720p.
Back in city, the Minister learns that Kaashmora could be a fraud and sends his henchmen to kill his family. The henchmen try and get Kaashmora from the house however square measure unable to try and do therefore because the ghost beats all and drags Kaashmora and his family within the house. Inside, they meet with a broker who got unfree within the house for an extended time. The broker says that the house was once princess’spalace. Ever since her death, residents ANd
homeowners of the house had met with an unluckydeat.
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He conjointly tells that there square measure thirteen ghosts within the house. The unfree individuals meet the ghost of dominion Nayak, the pinnacle of all the thirteen ghosts. Rajnayak asks Kaashmora to assist him and his thirteen subordinates reach the belief. He then locks them within the castle. That night, a fille in Kaashmora’s dream leads him to a latched door among the castle.
Waking up, Kaashmora follows an equivalent route, however is stopped by Yamini, who reveals to him that Chelapathy Rao, the person who LED him here, died seventy five years agone and it absolutely was his ghost that LED Kaashmora likewise as Yamini to the house. Kaashmora searches the castle ANd gets hold of an previous book that dates back 700 years. dominion Nayak (Karthi) was a self-obsessed military leader and a rounder.


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…..:: Movie Information ::…..

Writer: Gokul, John Mahendran (dialogue)
Stars: Karthi,Nayantara,Sri Divya,Vivek.
Music: Santhosh Narayanan
Running time:164 minutes
producer:S R Prakashbabu,S R Prabhu
Country: India
Language: Telugu

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