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Story and Review:

Kaai Raja Kaai Tamil Full Movie Download.  There is this MLA girl who needs to hide her face from onlookers as a result of she is on a run and is with 3 young man, one amongst whom is her lover boy. The 3 young man have accidentally got their hands on an enormous fortune solely the previous night. so as to cover the girl’s face, one amongst them comes up with a burka. This noncurrent scene solely reflects the noncurrent creative thinking of the manufacturers. in an exceedingly day and age once each second woman is seen carrying the camouflage, who would create a woman wear burka so as to cover her from the world?Kaai Raja Kaai Tamil Full Movie Download 720p.
Anand (Manas) and 2 of his friends (Ram and tantalise Ravi) live along and have those typical bachelorhood issues. they need cash for nothing except booze. The mechanic loves a woman (Shamili) with a B.Tech degree. Anand works as a maintenance supervisor at the MLA’s house. The third believes in placing gold long and may be a clairvoyant ‘kai raja kai’ knowledgeable. Anand is forced into love and dangerous romance behind the MLA’s father’s back by the beguiling girl, vie by Shravya. Meanwhile, the mechanic wins over the B.Tech beauty’s love, hKaai Raja Kaai Tamil Full Movie Downloadowever that proves to be impermanent . he’s unloved as a result of he’s ‘after all’.Kaai Raja Kaai Tamil Full Movie Download 360p.

The same day, Anand escapes the wrath of the MLA once the girl will a volte face to save lots of her face.Somewhere within the town, Bittu, the fearful land unpleasant person expertly in ‘kai raja kai’ is in search of a heist that he thinks licitlybelongs
to him. constant is placed within
a properlyoperating automotive
withinthe mechanic’s shed.

Right from the premise, the film reeks of oldishness. the primary [*fr1] is jam-packed with half-baked scenes and therefore the comedy falls flat. The characters ar seen drinking and drinking. ‘Kai raja kai’ may be a theme that comes in between. The villain is seen indulgence within the game a little here and there, however his main activity is shouting at his partner in crime and losing his cool over the actual fact that the heist continues to be not his.Kaai Raja Kaai Tamil Full Movie Download 1080p.

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Shiva Ganesha, who true idolizes RGV, loses the plot once he reduces the film to a comedy. You show your villain as being ruthless and someone who deals in crores of rupees. And once it’s his massive day, he’s seen being got rid of by the police as if he’s a street rowdy, with him until then indulgence in lunacy.

You have 3 kids with whom an MLA girl is move. Why is it that even once will she not offer them concepts concerning a way to handle the situation? for the way long can made women be shown as “excited” at being seize by funny guys and over the road-side ice cream?

It is currently a ritual in B-grade films to invoke Pawan Kalyan and/or Mahesh baboo and this or that. One may be a PK fan. Another derives “kick” out of parodying PK. Another spoofs massive B the Sarkar.

The film is as original as that aggressive friend’s character who is seen conventional as a infantile laddoo-eater. The characters ar as intelligent as that Bittu man who can’t discern what tantalise Ravi is doing within the climax, despite he having lost a game with him antecedently. The film is as refreshing as that component wherever the girl’s brother is mistaken to be her boy friend. the most characters ar as serious as those plotting the snatch of a political biggie’s girl would appear – in associate degree bacchanal condition!

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Movie Information:

Movie Name : Kai Raja Kai
Director: Siva Ganesh
Writer: Siva Ganesh
Stars: Ram Khanna, Maanas, Josh Ravi
Country: India

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